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After you get refugee status

Receiving refugee status in the UK is a great relief and the first milestone in your travel to a new life. This guide gives useful tips and techniques for refugees who have been granted asylum in England. We aim to guide you through this important transition with self-assurance and understanding.

Understanding the Transition

When you’re granted refugee status in England, it signifies the end of your asylum process and the start of a new chapter in your life. This transition brings important changes that you should know about.

Termination Of Asylum Support

Upon receiving refugee status, there are immediate changes, including the termination of Asylum Support and ‘section 4’ support 28 days later, which means:

Your cash allowance will cease.

If you received accommodation as an asylum seeker, you will be required to relocate to a new residence.

Permission to Work

Being granted refugee status in the UK allows you to work in any profession or skill level. This opens doors for you to pursue your career goals.

Financial Support

During your transition to refugee status, it’s important to think about your finances. If you’re not ready to work yet or lack income, you can apply for benefits to receive essential financial support.

Administrative Tasks 

To facilitate a seamless transition, there are important administrative tasks you must complete:

Opening a Bank Account:

Establishing a bank account is vital for managing your finances. While most banks recognize a biometric residence permit as valid identification, some may require additional information.

National Insurance Number:

Ensure you applied for a National Insurance (NI) number during your initial asylum claim interview. Your NI number is crucial for accessing benefits, paying taxes, and registering with a doctor.

Finding a New Home

After receiving refugee status, if you were previously housed under Asylum Support, you must find new accommodation within 28 days. Start this process promptly as housing availability can depend on factors like how long you’ve lived in the area, family connections, and risk of homelessness.

Support for Homelessness

If you’re worried about becoming homeless, organizations like Shelter can assist refugees by providing guidance and resources. Homeless Link also offers an online tool to help you find emergency accommodation.

Employment Assistance

If you’re ready to work, there are resources available to help you find employment. The Refugee Council’s employment service in London offers courses to get you started. Contact UK NARIC to learn how your qualifications from your home country translate to UK standards for job opportunities.

Applying for Benefits

Even after ending Asylum Support, you might still qualify for benefits in the UK. These include Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, and a refugee integration loan for different needs. Use a benefits calculator to check your eligibility for these benefits.

Receiving refugee status in England is a big achievement and a fresh start. This guide is here to give you the information and tools you need to transition successfully. Seek help, handle administrative tasks, and learn about your rights and opportunities to confidently start your new life in the UK.

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