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Can You Work on a Spouse Visa in Norway?

One of the common questions that individuals often have when considering moving to Norway is whether they can work while on a spouse visa. This article aims to provide insights into the regulations surrounding employment opportunities for individuals holding a spouse visa in Norway. We’ll explore the conditions under which working on a spouse visa is possible, the requirements to do so, and the overall experience of living and working in Norway.

Understanding Spouse Visas in Norway

Purpose and Eligibility on Spouse Visa Work in Norway

A spouse visa, also known as a family reunification visa, allows the spouse of a Norwegian citizen or resident to join them in Norway. The primary purpose of this visa is to enable families to reunite and live together in Norway.

Rights and Limitations

While a spouse visa grants the holder the right to reside in Norway with their partner, it does not automatically grant permission to work. The ability to work on a spouse visa depends on several factors, including the type of spouse visa, the partner’s legal status in Norway, and the duration of the visa.

Working on a Spouse Visa

Conditions for Employment

In most cases, individuals holding a spouse visa in Norway are allowed to work without the need for a separate work permit. However, there are specific conditions that must be met. The partner who is a Norwegian citizen or resident must have a stable and secure income, ensuring that both partners can support themselves financially.

Application Process

To work on a spouse visa in Norway, the non-Norwegian partner should notify the local police upon arrival. The partner may be required to obtain a tax deduction card (skattekort) from the Norwegian Tax Administration, which determines the appropriate amount of tax to be deducted from their salary.

Job Opportunities for Spouse Visa Holders

Norway, with its thriving job market and high living standards, provides opportunities for spouses to contribute to the workforce. Here’s a guide to job opportunities for spouse visa holders:

Residence and Work Authorization: Spouses holding a valid residence permit in Norway are generally allowed to work. The permit may specify any limitations or conditions, so it’s crucial to review the details provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

Job Market: Norway has a diverse job market with opportunities in various sectors. Key industries include IT, technology, engineering, healthcare, finance, and energy. Assess your skills and qualifications to identify sectors where your expertise aligns.

Language Proficiency: While many Norwegians are proficient in English, knowledge of the Norwegian language can significantly enhance job prospects. Consider taking language courses to improve your language skills, as this may open up more opportunities.

Networking: Building a professional network is essential in Norway. Attend industry events, seminars, and networking functions to connect with professionals in your field. Networking can lead to job referrals and insights into potential opportunities.

Online Job Portals: Explore online job portals and company websites to search for job vacancies. Websites like,, and LinkedIn are popular platforms for job seekers in Norway.

Job Seeker Programs: Take advantage of job seeker programs offered by the Norwegian government. These programs provide guidance on job searching, resume building, and interview preparation.

CV and Application Process: Tailor your CV to the Norwegian job market, highlighting relevant skills and experiences. Follow the application process outlined by potential employers, and include a well-crafted cover letter.

Professional Recognition: If your profession requires recognition or certification in Norway, ensure that your qualifications are recognized by the relevant authorities. This is particularly important in regulated fields such as healthcare.

Consult Career Services: Seek guidance from local career services, immigrant support organisations, or expat communities. These resources can provide valuable insights and assistance in your job search.

Entrepreneurship: If traditional employment is not readily available, consider entrepreneurship. Norway supports innovation and small businesses, and starting your venture may be a viable option.

Benefits and Challenges on Spouse Visa Work in Norway

Advantages of Working on a Spouse Visa

Working on a spouse visa can be advantageous for couples seeking to build their lives together in Norway. It allows the non-Norwegian partner to contribute to the household income and gain valuable work experience in a foreign country.

Potential Challenges

While working on a spouse visa can be beneficial, there may be challenges to consider. Language proficiency and cultural adaptation are important factors that could affect the ease of finding employment and integrating into the Norwegian workforce.

Transitioning to a Work Visa

Assessing Eligibility

If the non-Norwegian partner wishes to pursue long-term employment in Norway, they may consider transitioning to a work visa. The eligibility criteria for a work visa are similar to those for other foreign workers and depend on factors such as qualifications, job offer, and employer sponsorship.

Required Documentation

The documentation required for transitioning to a work visa includes a valid job offer, educational certificates, proof of qualifications, and other relevant documents. The non-Norwegian partner may need to demonstrate their skills and expertise in line with the job requirements.

considering employment on a spouse visa should ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and follow the necessary steps to comply with Norwegian immigration regulations.

In conclusion, while a spouse visa in Norway does not automatically grant the right to work, it is possible to work under certain conditions. Working on a spouse visa can provide valuable opportunities for career growth and financial stability while living with a partner in Norway. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Spouse Visa Work in Norway

Can I work on a spouse visa in Norway?

 Yes, you can work on a spouse visa in Norway, but there are restrictions and conditions to consider.

Are there any restrictions on the type of employment? 

Yes, there are restrictions on the type of employment. You typically cannot be self-employed or start your own business on a spouse visa.

Do I need a job offer to work on a spouse visa? 

While a job offer may not be mandatory, your partner should have a stable income to support both of you financially.

What are the benefits of transitioning to a work visa?

 Transitioning to a work visa offers expanded employment opportunities and a potential path to permanent residency.

How can I ensure compliance with Norwegian immigration laws?

 To ensure compliance, stay informed about regulations, follow the conditions of your visa, and seek guidance when needed.

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