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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is information relating to some of the common ways in which a Notaries services are required. Click on one of the links below to jump to that section.

What is Law and Visas?

Law and Visas is an immigration law firm. We are a leading specialist visa/ immigration advisory law firm.
We provide our clients with honest and straightforward consultancy service regarding immigration issues.

Is Law and Visas an agent?

Law and Visas is not an agent. We are an immigration law firm with many years of experience.

Can I meet face to face?

Yes. You can meet with us anytime in our office during work hours. We have a permanent office.

Do I have to come to the office to start my application?

No. We can do must applications virtually via emails and other means of communication. We provided immigration and visa services worldwide

Is the visa 100% guarantee?

We work hard to increase the chances of your visa application or immigration case being successful. We have up to 97% sucess rate.


Can I speak with an Immigration Lawyer?

We have a team of legal experts who will be assigned to you throughout your application with us. You can speak to an immigration lawyer and or manager whenever you wish to.

Do you provide documents?

No. We do not provide false documents. This will only cause you more immigration problems. If you don’t have a particular document, we will help you explain why you do not have it documents. We can also advise you on alternative documents that may be suitable. Avoid agents who promise you false documents. This will only complicate your immigration problems.

Do you work on weekends?

We can meet with you or answer your enquiries over the weekend. Please call us to prebook these appointments. We are available to speak with you over the weekends and public holidays.

Are there any hidden charges?

Once our professional fee is agreed, we do not charge any additional fees. Client is required to meet the cost of the visa application.

Once I pay the professional fees, when will work start?

We start work immediately our professional fee is paid.

How Much Do You Charge For Your Services?

Our fees vary based on what service(s) you require as well as the complexity of your case. Call us on 08181547085 or email us at info@lawandvisas.com for your service quote.

What happens if my application/case is not successful?

In an unfortunate situation your application is not successful. We will check and discuss the options we have going forward. We will support you through the entire process.

I am not happy Law and Visas service what do I do?

We endeavour to provide excellent service all the time. In an unfortunate situation you are not happy at any stage we have a comprehensive complaint procedure. Pls check your service pack for the procedure. We will do everything we can to resolve your complaint.

Can I make balance payment when Visa comes out?

No. If you pay in instalment, our professional fee balance is due at the time we finish work which is before the application is submitted.

Can I pay professional fee in installment?

Yes. You can pay the professional fee in instalment. You accept an initial 60% payment to start.

What is your confidentiality policy?

We take your confidentiality very seriously. We have robust policies and standard to ensure a high level of confidentiality and ensure your confidentiality is maintained.