Discover the updated immigration and nationality fees for 2022/23. Find out the costs for visas, applications, and more

Immigration and nationality fees for 2022/23

In the changing world of immigration and nationality fees, it’s crucial to stay updated in the United Kingdom. The upcoming year 2022/23 brings a range of modifications to the fee structure for immigration and nationality applications. Whether you’re an applicant, sponsor, or simply curious about these fees understanding the costs involved in immigration processes is key. This detailed guide delves into the fee updates their impact and essential information to navigate the UK’s immigration system effectively.


The revised fee schedule for immigration and nationality applications from April 6 2022 highlights significant changes. While some fees have gone up others remain unchanged. It’s important to grasp the implications of your immigration journey.

Visa Application Fees

Let’s explore the adjustments in visa application fees. Visa charges have undergone review and adjustments over time, showing a mix of increases and freezes.

Visit Visas

Visit Visa – Short up to 6 months; The fee has been raised from £95 to £100 an increase of £5.

Visit Visa – Long (2 years, 5 years, and 10 years); 

All long-term visit visas have had their fees increased by £15.

Skilled Worker Visas

The Skilled Worker category, for addressing labor shortages shows differences between administrative costs and applicant fees.

Skilled Worker Visa for Shortage Occupation (3 years or less); The administrative cost is £154 while applicants are charged up to £928.

Skilled Worker Visa for Shortage Occupation (over 3 years); The administrative cost remains at £154. The fee goes up to £943.

Child Registration as British

A difference can be observed in the fee for registering a child as British.

Child Registration as British; Even though the processing cost is £416 the total fee exceeds £1,000.

These instances shed light on the gaps in visa categories, where fees often exceed administrative costs by a considerable margin.

Citizenship and Nationality Fees

Updates have been made to the fees for citizenship and nationality applications. Let’s take a look at some categories;


The fee for naturalization remains unchanged at £1,250.

Nationality Registration

For adults seeking Nationality Registration as a British Citizen, the fee stands at £1,126. As for children applying for Nationality Registration as a British Citizen, they are required to pay a fee of £1,012.

Giving up Nationality

When renouncing your nationality there is a charge of £372 involved.

Fees, for Sponsoring

For sponsors having an understanding of the fees linked to sponsoring workers or students is crucial. Here are some key details;

Worker and Temporary Worker Sponsorship License

Worker Sponsorship License (for Sponsors); The cost for a worker sponsorship license for sponsors remains at £1,476.

Worker Sponsorship License (for Small Sponsors); Small sponsorsmust alsoo pay £536 for a worker sponsorship license.

Student Sponsorship License

Student Sponsorship License; The fee for student sponsorship licenses stays at £536.

These charges play a role for organizations that recruit and sponsor individuals to work or study in the UK.

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

A significant part of immigration costs is the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). Introduced in 2015 the IHS is a fee with the revenue generated dedicated to the National Health Service (NHS). It’s worth noting that the IHS is a cost on top of visa application fees.

Increasing IHS Fee

The IHS fee has experienced increases over time. Starting at £200 per year in 2018 it has risen to £624, per year by the end of 2020. 

The debate, over the visa tax has stirred up controversy with worries about how it affects applicants and its role in supporting the NHS.

Impact on Applicants

Both applicants and sponsors must grasp the fee system. Immigration costs can be significant. The discrepancies between expenses and applicant charges are noticeable across different categories. Planning and budgeting for immigration fees are parts of the application process.

Closing Thoughts

Navigating through the world of UK immigration and nationality fees demands attention to detail. This detailed guide has offered insights into the updated fees for 2022/23 shedding light on the aspects of immigration processes. Whether you’re a sponsor or simply intrigued by this subject staying informed about these fees is pivotal for an immigration journey.

For up-to-date information and specific fee breakdowns, it is recommended to consult government sources and seek guidance from immigration experts when necessary.

In summary, as you set out on your immigration or sponsorship path remember that understanding the side is one part of the puzzle. Diligence, preparation, and adherence to immigration regulations are equally vital for a successful experience.

In this manual, we’ve included, in-depth details regarding the revised immigration and nationality charges for the year in the UK. It’s essential for applicants, sponsors, and individuals, about the nuances of the UK’s immigration framework to grasp these fees. Whether you’re considering applying for a visa sponsoring an employee or student or delving into the citizenship application procedure this handbook will assist you in managing the aspects of your endeavor efficiently.

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