Secure your Long Stay ‘D’ Visa with our detailed guide. Perfect for those planning extended stays abroad. Learn application tips and more.

Long Stay ‘D’ Visas 

Are you envisioning an extended stay in Ireland to immerse yourself in its culture, pursue education, join family, explore job opportunities, volunteer, or serve as a religious minister? If your stay exceeds 90 days, the Long Stay ‘D’ Visa is your gateway to all that Ireland offers. In this guide, we’ll cover the types of Long Stay ‘D’ Visas, their specific requirements, the application process, and essential details for a seamless journey to Ireland.

What is a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa

The D Visa lets you stay in Ireland for more than 90 days. This visa is used for various purposes, including studying, working, joining family members, or volunteering.

Types of Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

Ireland offers various visas tailored to different circumstances and goals. Here’s an overview of the key categories:

Study Visa For Long Stay ‘D’ Visas:

 This visa allows you to reside in Ireland for more than three months while pursuing an educational program. Requirements include an acceptance letter from a recognized Irish educational institution, proof of academic history, full-time course enrollment, English language proficiency (unless learning English), payment of tuition fees, financial sufficiency (€7,000 for the first year), private medical insurance, ties to your home country, and an explanation for your course choice.

Join Family Visa For Long Stay ‘D’ Visas:

 Designed for those joining family members in Ireland for over three months, including spouses, partners, and dependents. Required documentation includes details about your sponsor in Ireland, a statement of intent, information about other EU family members, proof of sponsor’s status, evidence of your relationship with the sponsor, financial capability, medical insurance, good moral character, and clearances if working with vulnerable individuals.

Employment Visa:

 For individuals seeking employment opportunities in Ireland, contingent upon obtaining an Irish employment permit. Various permit types exist, requiring an employment contract, employer confirmation, documentation of qualifications and experience, and financial records.

Volunteer Visa: 

Intended for volunteering for more than 90 days, this visa requires approval from a recognized organization. Applicants must be 18 or older, non-EU/EEA or Swiss nationals, qualified for the volunteer role, financially supported by the organization, possess good moral character, and have necessary clearances for roles involving children or vulnerable individuals.

Minister of Religion Visa:

 For those working in religious roles in Ireland, valid for up to three years. Requirements include obtaining preclearance, demonstrating a need for the role, proving qualifications, presenting a clean police record, confirming child protection policies, and demonstrating financial support from the sponsoring religious body or faith community.

Required Documents For Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

  • Signed Online Application Form Summary
  • Valid International Passport
  • Two Passport-Sized Photographs: Meeting Irish visa standards.
  • Previous Passport Copies: If available.
  • Details of Previous Visa Refusals: If applicable.
  • Application Letter: Stating your purpose for visiting Ireland, tailored to your visa category.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds
  • Proof of Medical Insurance

Additional documents specific to your visa category must also be submitted. Ensure all documents are in English or accompanied by certified English translations. Submit original documents unless otherwise specified.

 Visa Costs For Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

The fees for a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa in Ireland vary based on the visa category and specific route of application. The typical costs are:

  • Single-Entry Visa Fee: €60
  • Multi-Entry Visa Fee: €100
  • Pre-clearance Fees
  • Consular Fees (if applicable)

The embassy or consulate will inform you of the exact fees for your visa application.

Application Process For Long Stay ‘D’ Visas

To apply for a Long Stay ‘D’ Visa in Ireland, follow these steps:

  • Use the Online Irish Visa Application Service (AVATS) to apply for your long-stay visa. Once submitted, print the summary form.
  •  Send all required supporting documents to the designated location within 30 days of creating your AVATS application. This location could be an Irish visa or consulate in your country or an international visa application agency, depending on your location.
  • Upon approval of your long-stay visa, travel to Ireland. At the border, present your visa, passport, and relevant documentation to immigration officers.
  • After arriving in Ireland, register with immigration and apply for an Irish residence permit before your authorized stay expires. You can schedule appointments at any immigration office, with the option to book up to 10 weeks in advance.

Ireland’s Long Stay Visas offer a range of opportunities. Whether you’re studying, joining a family, working, volunteering, or serving as a religious minister, follow the application process carefully. Explore Ireland’s captivating culture and landscapes with the Long Stay ‘D’ Visa for an extended and enriching experience.

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