Complete guide to Minister of Religion Visa to enter the UK. Learn about eligibility, requirements, and application processes

Minister of Religion Visa

Are you a religious worker or missionary who wants to serve in the United Kingdom? If yes, then the T2 Minister of Religion Visa is what you need to make your spiritual mission come true in Britain.

Understanding T2 Minister of Religion Visa

This visa has been implemented instead of the previous Tier 2 Immigration Religion Visa because of the recent changes in UK immigration after the UK and EU free movement once stopped. This visa provision is meant for non-EEA nationals and citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) who are coming to the UK to work as religious ministers, missionaries, or workers. As soon as you accept this visa, you are authorized to stay in the UK for a maximum of 3 years and one month.


To get a Minister of Religion Visa, you need to meet these criteria:

Job Offer:

You get 50 points if you have a job offer for one of these roles: Minister of religion, Missionary, or Religious worker.

The job offer must come from a registered UK Sponsor with the right to hire foreigners. You’ll need a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from them.

English Language Skills:

You get 10 more points if you meet the English language requirements.

Show you’re good at speaking, reading, writing, and understanding English.

Do this by passing an approved English test at least at CEFR level B2 or having an academic qualification taught in English, like a UK bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD.

Financial Sufficiency:

Get the final 10 points by meeting financial requirements.

There’s no set salary, but you have to prove you can support yourself in the UK.

You need at least £1,270 in your bank for 28 days, and day 28 has to be within 31 days of applying for your visa.

Benefits of a Minister of Religion Visa

Having a Minister of Religion Visa offers various advantages while you’re in the UK:

Length of Stay:

You can stay in the UK for up to three years and one month.


You can work for your sponsor in the job listed on your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).


You can do voluntary work to help the community and your mission.

Secondary Employment:

In some cases, you can have a second job without affecting your visa, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your main role.


You’re free to study more, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your job.


You can travel in and out of the UK easily, so you can fulfill your mission without problems.

Bringing Your Family:

You can bring your partner, kids under 18, and even adult kids if they meet the criteria. They need their visa applications.

Limitations to Remember:

You can’t get public funds while in the UK.

The T2 Minister of Religion Visa is a special chance for religious workers and missionaries to follow their spiritual callings in the UK. With its flexible rules and various opportunities, this visa helps you support your mission and make a difference in your community.

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