Unlock work opportunities in Portugal with the Portugal Job Seeker Visa. Learn about the application process, requirements

Portugal Job Seeker Visa

The job seeker visa lets you stay in Portugal to search for a job and work until the visa ends or till you get a residence permit. It lasts for 120 days, and it can be renewed for another 60 days,  for a single entry. You need to schedule a meeting within 120 days. If you find a job during this time, you can apply for a permit.  

However, If your visa expires and you are yet to get a job, you must leave the country as you can only apply for another visa one year after expiration. 

To extend your Portugal Job Seeker Visa, you will be required to show proof of registration and state that you still plan to stay for the same reasons you got the visa.


Complete and sign the National Visa application form by the applicant.

Passport or alternative travel document, with a validity extending at least 3 months beyond the intended return date. Attach a photocopy of the passport’s biographical page.

Two recent passport-sized photos, identical, and in good condition for easy identification of the applicant (1 for the application form).

Evidence of legal status if the applicant’s nationality differs from the country where the visa is sought, valid beyond the visa’s expiration date.

Criminal record certificate issued by the competent authority of the applicant’s nationality or residence for over a year (excluding applicants under sixteen), with Hague Apostille if applicable, or legalized.

Valid travel insurance covers essential medical expenses, including urgent medical assistance and potential repatriation.

Copy of return travel ticket.

Evidence of financial means equal to or exceeding three times the guaranteed monthly minimum salary.

Proof of financial means may be waived with a signed commitment letter from a Portuguese citizen or foreign resident in Portugal, ensuring provisions for the applicant’s food, lodging, and repatriation expenses in case of an irregular stay.

The undersigned of the commitment letter must also demonstrate financial capacity at least three times the value of the guaranteed minimum monthly salary.


Personal statement detailing the conditions of the intended stay.

Proof of submission of an expression of interest declaration for enrollment in the IEFP (EN) / (PT) / (FR) / (ES).

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