Learn about the Portugal appeal process, requirements, and get assistance to challenge a visa denial in Portugal.

Portugal Visa Appeal

If your visa application is denied, you can appeal under Portuguese law. You have three options which include:

You can complain directly to the Consular Post/Consular Section where you applied within 15 days as per Article 191 of the Administrative Procedure Code

Appeal to a higher authority within three months of being told (following Articles 58 and 59 of the Administrative Courts Procedure Code, referencing Article 193 of the Administrative Procedure Code) at the Consular Post/Consular Section.

Start a legal process to challenge the decision within three months of being told at the Administrative Court of Lisbon Circle, with guidance from Article 22 of the Administrative Courts Procedure Code(according to Articles 58 and 69 of the Administrative Courts Procedure Code.

The options mentioned above are not limited. This means you can first appeal to the Minister, and depending on what happens next, you may take legal action. Additionally, You can appeal the decision and take legal action at the administrative court at the same time without waiting for the appeal’s outcome. 

The administrative costs for each appeal procedure are 75€ according to Order n.º 229/2021, dated October 28th except for family reunification cases.

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