Learn how to register Finns abroad effectively. Discover the process and requirements to ensure your registration is complete and accurate.

Registration of Finns abroad

In our globalized world, ensuring the safety of Finnish citizens traveling abroad is crucial. For those visiting high-risk regions, the service, offered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is a vital tool. This article will walk you through the registration process, highlighting its voluntary nature and how it enhances security during emergencies.

Why Register?

For your safety, travel registration includes sharing personal data, contact details, and your travel plans. This information is kept by the Ministry and used only during emergencies or crises. Registering voluntarily helps ensure your safety and allows authorities to help you quickly when necessary.

Registration Process

Online Registration:

To register online, visit the official website and follow the steps to input your travel details like dates, destinations, and contact information. This method is convenient and allows you to complete the process from home.

SMS Registration:

If you prefer texting, follow these steps:

Format your message: MATKALLA date of departure–date of return destination additional information.

Use dd.mm.year format for dates; if the year is omitted, it defaults to the current year.

You can register each country separately if visiting multiple nations on the same trip.

Security and Privacy:

Your data is handled carefully and in compliance with the Consular Services Act. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs follows strict guidelines, using your information only for official purposes. Data retention is done by legal requirements to protect your privacy and security.

Consular Services Act

Chapter 11, Section 36 (498/1999) of the Consular Services Act guides the maintenance and use of personal data during crises. It allows missions to keep registers for personal safety purposes, following personal data protection laws.

Registering Finns abroad is a proactive measure to enhance personal safety in unfamiliar areas. Whether done online or via SMS, the process is user-friendly and straightforward. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs complies with the Consular Services Act, ensuring strict standards in handling personal data to provide a secure environment for travelers.

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