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Service Fees

In the intricate world of international travel and residence, understanding the nuances of service fees is crucial. Here, we break down the service fees offered by Finnish missions abroad, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those seeking passports, permits, citizenship, and various notarial services.

Passport and Identity Card Services

  • Passport: €235
  • Fast-track Passport: €255
  • Temporary Passport: €270
  • Laissez Passer Travel Document: €235
  • Emergency Travel Document (ETD): €255
  • New Document to Replace a Lost Alien’s Passport: €235
  • Seafarer’s National Identity Card: €235
  • Identity Card: €60
  • Rapid Identity Card (incl. fees charged by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency): €80
  • Rapid Identity Card, Issued with a Passport: €70
  • Identity Card when Passport Application Filed Together: €50
  • Request for Unlocking of Identity Card: €30

Permits for Entry and Residence

  • Schengen Visa: €80
  • Visa Fee for Children 6-11 Years: €40
  • Visa Fee for Citizens of Selected Countries: €35
  • Accelerated Visa Procedure for Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus: €70
  • Visa Fee for Citizens of Cape Verde: €60
  • Visa Fee for Citizens of Gambia: €120
  • Schengen Visa for Children Under 6 Years: Free
  • Request for Administrative Review: €255
  • Residence Permits (Including Family Relations): €520
  • Electronic Application for Residence Permits: €470

First Residence Permits

  • Work or Self-employed Person: €740
  • Electronic Application for Work or Self-employed Person: €490
  • No Labour Market Testing (Other Work, Specialist, Researcher, Athlete, Coach, or Trainer): €480
  • Electronic Application for No Labour Market Testing: €380
  • Entrepreneur, Start-up Entrepreneur: €480
  • Electronic Application for Entrepreneur, Start-up Entrepreneur: €350
  • Other Entrepreneur: €690
  • Electronic Application for Other Entrepreneur: €490
  • Seasonal Work for 3–6 Months, No Labour Market Testing: €480
  • Electronic Application for Seasonal Work: €380
  • Seasonal Work for 6–9 Months (Requires a Partial Decision): €740
  • Electronic Application for Seasonal Work: €490
  • Residence Permit for Studies: €450
  • Electronic Application for Residence Permit for Studies: €350
  • Residence Permit for a Minor (Under 18 Years): €270

Citizenship Services

  • Citizenship Declaration: €220
  • Electronic Application for Citizenship Declaration: €150
  • Citizenship Declaration for a Minor: €100
  • Electronic Application for Declaration for a Minor: €80
  • Release from Citizenship: €690
  • Request for Determination of Citizenship Status: €100

Notarial and Other Services

  • Notarial Certificate: €50
  • Signature Authentication at Finnish Missions: €50
  • Authentication of Copies at Finnish Missions: €50
  • Certificate of Existence Issued by Finnish Missions: €50
  • Certificate of Content of a Document Issued by Finnish Missions: €60
  • Declaration of Facts Issued by Finnish Missions: €60
  • Legalisation of a Foreign Document by Finnish Missions: €60
  • Notarisation of Transfer of Property: €160
  • Services for Persons in Distress and Persons Deprived of Liberty: €150
  • Financial Assistance for Persons in Distress: €150
  • Transmission of Funds: €40
  • Transfer of Population Data Notification: €45

Grounds for Payment

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the pricing structure, refer to the [“Decree of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Fees for services produced by the Foreign Service in 2023”](Link to another website.) and the [“Decree of the Ministry of the Interior on Fees for services produced by the Finnish Immigration Service in 2023”](Link to another website.) provided by the Finnish government.

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