Explore the requirements for a Sportsperson Visa (T2) and how to apply easily. Learn about eligibility criteria and application process

Sportsperson Visa (T2)

If you are a sportsperson or a qualified coach, who is coming to the UK from abroad to make a great difference in your sport while here in the UK, this is the time, the Sportsperson Visa (T2) is here to open a huge door for you to an amazing world of opportunities.

Understanding Sportsperson Visa for the UK

This is a special category in the UK’s visa system. It’s meant for top athletes and coaches recognized by their sport’s governing bodies as outstanding professionals.

Duration of Stay

With this visa, you can stay in the UK for up to three years as a foreigner, as long as you work in a role that’s expected to make significant improvements to your sport in the UK.

Meeting Sportsperson Visa UK Requirements

To qualify for the Sportsperson Visa in the UK, you need to gather at least 70 points in the UK’s points system.

Certificate of Sponsorship:

You can get 50 points by getting a CoS. This shows the Home Office you have a job offer in the UK that’s a big deal for the sport. To meet the requirements, you must:

Be a top-level sports player or coach

Be recognized by your sport’s governing body as a big deal internationally

Your sport’s governing body needs to endorse you, and they must have a license to hire people from other countries.

English Language Skills:

You can earn 10 points by meeting the English language requirements. Sportsperson Visa applicants have easier language rules than other work visas. Instead of needing a CEFR level B1 English test, you can qualify with at least level A1.

Financial Stability:

You get the last 10 points by showing you have enough money. You need to prove you can support yourself in the UK. This means having at least £1,270 in your bank account for 28 days in a row within 31 days of applying for your visa.

Opportunities with a Sportsperson Visa

Holding this visa opens up various opportunities beyond your primary sporting role in the UK:

Multiple Job Opportunities:

You may have the chance to take on a second job alongside your main sporting position.

Represent Your National Team:

Sportsperson Visa holders can proudly represent their national team while in the UK, expanding their international presence.

Broadcasting Opportunities:

If you’re passionate about sports commentary, this visa allows you to work as a sports broadcaster, sharing your expertise with a broader audience.


Engage in voluntary work to contribute to the community and gain diverse experiences.

Pursue Studies:

You’re free to pursue further education in the UK, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your primary sporting role mentioned in your CoS.

Travel Flexibility:

Enjoy the flexibility to travel abroad and return to the UK without risking your visa status.

Bringing Your Family:

Sportsperson Visa holders can bring their family members to the UK, including their partner and children.

Limitations of the Sportsperson Visa

Ineligibility for Public Funds:

You cannot access public funds while staying in the UK on a Sportsperson Visa.

Restrictions on Business Initiatives:

You are not allowed to start or manage a business or apply for a second job until you have begun your employment with your sponsor.

Think of the Sportsperson Visa (T2) as your passport to an awesome sports career in the UK. It’s not just about playing or coaching; it’s about making a real difference in your sport. This visa is tailor-made for top athletes and coaches like you. So, if you dream of taking your career to new heights on a global scale, why not give the Sportsperson Visa a shot? It’s a journey packed with endless opportunities waiting for you to explore.

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