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Streamlining Passport and Identity Card Applications Online

In an era marked by digital convenience, the Finnish Police’s online service has emerged as a pivotal platform for passport and identity card applications. However, it’s crucial to understand that while this service is primarily designed for residents within Finnish borders, its utilization from abroad is not restricted. Despite this, applicants from overseas may not receive the same level of service as their counterparts within Finland.

Eligibility Criteria and Convenience

The Finnish Police, in certain cases, offers the convenience of acquiring a passport or identity card without the need for an in-person visit to a police station. Approximately 50% of online applications fall into this category. However, for those that do require an in-person visit, the visit must take place at a police station within Finland. Finnish missions abroad lack the necessary equipment to process electronically submitted applications.

Travel Arrangements and Responsibilities

If your application mandates a visit to a police station in Finland, it becomes your responsibility to arrange travel to the country. Importantly, the police does not refund processing fees in such cases. For detailed information about the criteria exempting an appointment at a police station, visit the Finnish Police website.

E-Services of the Finnish Police: A Comprehensive Guide

Logging In via e-Identification

To initiate the online application process, log in to the e-service of the Finnish Police through e-Identification. accepts various identification methods, including online banking codes, mobile certificates, or the Citizen Certificate on your identity card.

Passport Photo Submission

For online applications, a passport photo must be submitted in advance to the police’s photograph server. It’s essential to note that foreign photography studios cannot directly send photos to the server. However, you can use the e-Identification service to submit photos taken in a studio. Photography studios in Finland, on the other hand, can directly save photos on the police’s photograph server.

Passport and Identity Card Collection

Upon approval, the passport or identity card can only be collected in Finland. You can either visit a Matkahuolto service outlet in person or authorize someone to collect it on your behalf The authorized person must prove their identity with a valid passport or identity card.

Personal Visit Requirement

In some cases, the processing of an electronically submitted application may necessitate a personal visit to a police station in Finland. It’s advisable to stay informed about the specific requirements through the official Finnish Police website.

In conclusion, the Finnish Police’s online service streamlines the passport and identity card application process, offering a convenient and efficient way for residents and even those residing abroad to obtain these essential documents. By adhering to the specified guidelines and criteria, applicants can significantly reduce the need for in-person visits, making the entire process more accessible and user-friendly.

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