Learn how to obtain Trinidad and Tobago visa from Nigeria. Explore the application process, requirements, and apply online

 Trinidad and Tobago Visa from Nigeria


This application is for individuals from specific countries who want to travel to Trinidad and Tobago for short-term purposes like tourism or visiting family and friends. The visa application form is now accessible online. and can be downloaded – from the embassy website 

Unsure if you need a visa for travel

This form is for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who want to register their residence in Nigeria at the High Commission. It’s recommended for Trinidad and Tobago nationals living or working in Nigeria.

Passport Application Kits

These kits are designed to help the Nationals of Trinidad and Tobago in applying for a Trinidad and Tobago passport. It contains all the requirements for the application process. Adult applicants will use Form A, while children will fill out Form B. You can fill out the passport application forms online or by hand and submit them along with other required documents either in person or by mail. 

Lost or Stolen Passports

This kit is for individuals who need to replace their passport that has been lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.

Passport Renewals

This application kit is for citizens who wish to obtain a new Trinidad and Tobago passport. Please note that passports issued before Feb. 1, 1994, are no longer valid. Holders of these passports must apply for a new “T-series” passport.

To apply for an extension of the current passport, submit the following:

Application for Passport Extension – Form C

Current Passport

One Passport-size photo

Fee – Nil

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