Learn about Netherland spouse visa for Nigerians, from eligibility criteria to the final submission of the application.

UK Spouse Visa 10-Year Route 

If you are moving to the UK to be with your spouse but do not meet all the rules for the quicker 5-year visa, like how much money you make or your English skills, you can apply for a slower 10-year visa. It is harder, so getting a lawyer who knows about immigration can help.

UK spouse visa 10-year route requirements

For the UK spouse visa using the 10-year route, the rules are easier than the 5-year route about how much money you need, speaking English, and the kind of home you need.

Minimum income requirement

For the 5-year route to stay in the UK with a spouse visa, your home must be big enough and safe according to health rules.

Adequate accommodation requirement

In simple English, if you have a spouse visa and want to stay in the UK for 5 years to then apply for permanent residency (ILR), you must make sure your living space is okay. This means your home should be big enough for everyone living there and must follow health rules.

English language requirement

To obtain the 5-year visa, you must pass an English test unless you are from a country where English is widely spoken, attended university in English, are over 65, or have a health issue preventing you from taking the test.

To qualify for both the 5-year and 10-year UK spouse visas, you must demonstrate that your relationship is genuine, be older than 18, be married, in a civil partnership, or have cohabited for 2 years if unmarried.

UK spouse visa extension 10-year route

When you extend your spouse visa on the 10-year way to staying in the UK forever, you just need to show you’re still with your UK partner. You don’t need to worry about money or English rules this time. If approved, you get to stay for 2.5 more years.

Switching from 10 year to 5-year Spouse visa

You can change from a 10-year partner visa to a 5-year one if you meet all the requirements. However, know that the time spent on the 10-year visa does not count towards the 5-year one.

Spouse Visa 10-Year Route ILR

If you have been in the UK for 10 years on different visas, including a spouse visa, you can apply for a permanent stay (ILR). You need to pass an English test and a test about life in the UK to qualify.

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