Discover the requirements and application process for obtaining a UK visa for adult family members. Learn how to apply efficiently

UK Visa for Adult Family Members

You must be in the UK and while having an adult family member join you from Ukraine. You need to thoroughly know the rules and requirements. We’ll walk through how to fill out the application, eligibility, and financial side to ensure that the application process is smooth and successful.

Eligibility for Adult Dependent Relative Visa

Your adult family member can apply to join you in the UK if they have significant long-term care needs and need your support while in the UK. Keep in mind that these visas are difficult to obtain and cost over £3,000. If the application is denied, there is no refund.

Indefinite Leave and Sponsorship

When your family member applies as a dependent, you become their sponsor. If their application is approved, they will typically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, which allows them to stay permanently. However, there are important factors to consider before proceeding with the application:

Can you sponsor your Adult Family Members?

You can if you are a British or Irish citizen and have indefinite leave to remain or settled status from the EU Settlement Scheme or hold refugee status or humanitarian protection.

Who Can Apply?

The adult relative can enroll as a dependent if they are your parent, grandparent, sibling over 18 or over, or child over 18. Whenever it’s needed to be stressed out they must have to get long-term care that they need, for instance, such as meals, dressing, etc. Along with this they need to be able to demonstrate that they lack this care due to financial reasons as well as no one in the country including a spouse or relative can be their caregiver.

Financial Considerations

To sponsor your adult family member, you must demonstrate that you can provide ‘adequate maintenance’ for them. This means showing you have enough income to support them without using public funds. The income requirement is set by the government and varies based on your situation.

Calculating Costs: 

Determine the necessary cost by considering weekly amounts for yourself, your adult family member, and each child under 18 living with you, along with housing costs.

Weekly Amounts: £77 per week for a single person or £121.05 per week for those living with a partner. For adult family members, it’s £77 per week if aged 25 or over and £61.05 per week if under 25.

Housing Costs: Include rent or mortgage payments and council tax, but exclude any portion covered by Council Tax Reduction, Housing Benefit, or the housing element of Universal Credit.

Assessing Your Income

To meet the adequate maintenance test, calculate your actual weekly income after tax and If you live with a partner, you can combine your income. Include earnings, pensions, and income from rent or investments in your assessment.

If you have savings, you can include them in your income calculation if you’ve held them for at least six months. Divide the total savings by 52 to determine the weekly income increase.

Getting Help from an Adviser

Furthermore, If your income is below the required amount or if you have unique circumstances affecting your eligibility, it’s recommended to consult a specialist adviser. They can also offer tailored guidance and assist you in navigating the process successfully.

Ensuring Safe and Suitable Accommodation

In addition, It’s important to ensure your adult family member will have safe, suitable, and adequately sized accommodation in the UK. They need stable long-term housing, either through a rental agreement or a designated room in your home. But If you live in council housing or have a housing association landlord, check the permitted number of persons (PNP) allowed to live in your home, usually specified in your tenancy agreement.

Getting a UK visa for your adult family members to join you in the UK is a complex process that requires careful planning and meeting specific criteria. You must provide adequate support and show you can meet their needs, including safe and suitable accommodation. By following the guidelines in this article to navigate the application confidently and improve the chances of a successful outcome for your family member’s visa.

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