Documents required to get married in Sweden: Discover the crucial documents needed for marriage in Sweden as a foreigner.

What Documents Do I Need to Get Married in Sweden?

Planning a wedding involves many details, and one crucial aspect is ensuring you have the necessary documents in order. This comprehensive guide walks you through the essential documents you need to get married in Sweden as a foreigner. We cover everything from identification to proof of marital status.

What Documents Do I Need to Get Married in Sweden?

Valid Passport or ID

To get married in Sweden, you must have a valid passport or identification document. Make sure your passport is up to date and has an expiration date that extends beyond your planned wedding date. If you’re an EU citizen, a national ID card may be acceptable.

Proof of Marital Status

You will need to provide proof of your marital status. This typically involves obtaining a Certificate of No Impediment or similar document from your home country. This document states that you are free to marry and that no legal obstacles exist.

Birth Certificates

Both partners must present their original birth certificates. In some cases, these documents may need to be translated into Swedish or English by an authorized translator. Check with the Swedish Tax Agency or the relevant authority for specific requirements.

Certificate of No Impediment

The Certificate of No Impediment is a crucial document that confirms your legal capacity to marry. It is issued by the authorities in your home country and must be valid at the time of your wedding in Sweden.

Divorce Decree or Death Certificate (if applicable)

If either partner has been previously married, a divorce decree or death certificate of the former spouse is required. These documents demonstrate the termination of any previous marriages.

Swedish Personal Identity Number

If you or your partner are residents of Sweden, having a Swedish Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) is necessary for the marriage process. This number is assigned by the Swedish Tax Agency and serves as an identification number for individuals living in Sweden.

Witness Identification

You will need at least two witnesses present at your wedding ceremony. Each witness must provide identification, such as a valid passport or ID card, to verify their identity.

Additional Documentation

Depending on your specific circumstances, additional documentation may be required. This can include prenuptial agreements, adoption certificates, or other relevant paperwork. Consult the Swedish Tax Agency or the competent authority for precise instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a driver’s license instead of a passport for identification?

No, a valid passport is the preferred form of identification for getting married in Sweden. However, some exceptions may apply for EU citizens who can use a national ID card.

Is a translated birth certificate necessary?

If your birth certificate is not in Swedish or English, you will likely need to have it translated by an authorized translator. Check the specific requirements of the Swedish authorities to ensure compliance.

How long are the documents valid?

The validity of the required documents may vary. Generally, documents like birth certificates and divorce decrees are considered valid if issued within the last six months. However, it’s essential to verify the specific validity requirements with the Swedish Tax Agency or the relevant authority.

Can I submit photocopies of the documents?

No, original documents are typically required for the marriage process. Photocopies are not accepted unless explicitly stated otherwise by the Swedish authorities.

Do I need to have my documents authenticated?

Authentication requirements may vary depending on your home country. Some countries require document authentication through an apostille or embassy legalization. Consult your local authorities or embassy to determine if authentication is necessary.

What if I don’t have a Swedish Personal Identity Number?

You and your partner can still get married in Sweden even if you are not residents and do not have a Swedish Personal Identity Number. However, certain administrative procedures may differ. Contact the Swedish Tax Agency or the relevant authority for guidance.

Getting the required documents to marry in Sweden may seem overwhelming, but you can navigate the process successfully with the right information and organization. Remember to gather all necessary documents well in advance, check for any translation or authentication requirements, and seek guidance from the Swedish Tax Agency or the competent authority when needed. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful and legally recognized marriage in Sweden.

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