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FAQ Consular services

Before traveling abroad, it’s important to check the latest entry rules for your destination. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises consulting the embassy of the country you plan to visit for detailed advice. Finnish citizens should also stay updated with travel advice bulletins for safety and security information about their destination.

Finnish Citizens’ Visa and Residence Permit

When considering travel to countries experiencing unrest, it’s important to decide carefully. The Finnish Ministry provides travel advice in Finnish and Swedish, detailing security, crime, and safety risks, including transportation and health information, to help travelers make informed decisions.

Staying Safe Abroad: Managing Medication and Health

Travelers should check if their prescribed medications are legal in their destination and transit countries. Always pack enough medicine for the entire trip, understanding the local rules about importing medications.

Traveling with Minors

When traveling with minors, especially without both guardians, be aware of the destination’s travel requirements for children. Carrying notarized parental consent is recommended, as many airlines and countries require this documentation.

Guidance for Unforeseen Circumstances

If you lose a Finnish passport or face financial difficulties, report the loss to local authorities, contact Finnish missions for a new passport, and explore local or international financial assistance options.

Understanding Medical Assistance in Foreign Lands

Contact your insurance provider’s emergency service for medical issues abroad. Holders of the European Health Insurance Card have specific benefits in EU/EEA countries. Ensure access to local medical facilities.

Addressing Legal Matters with Caution

Familiarize yourself with local laws. Finnish missions can help find legal representation and interpreters but cannot intervene in legal proceedings. Be prepared to independently manage any legal expenses.

Supporting Families During Difficult Times

Contact your insurance for repatriation costs in the event of a death. Finnish missions can help with local funeral arrangements and death certificate procedures. Legal matters should be handled by professionals.

Assistance in Countries Without a Finnish Mission

Navigating Challenges in Mission-Deprived Territories

Seek help from Nordic or other EU Member State missions if there is no Finnish mission. The Foreign Ministry’s 24/7 Service Centre also provides support.

Proactive Measures in Crisis Situations

In crises, follow local authority instructions, monitor media, and use commercial means for repatriation. The Foreign Ministry can offer guidance but not direct repatriation.

Proactive Measures for a Safer Journey

Notify the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of your travel plans. Depend on commercial travel for returning home during crises, as government repatriation is limited and charged to the traveler.

Returning to Finland and Seeking Assistance

Returning to Finland is your responsibility. Manage personal affairs like pensions and banking directly with the relevant entities. Seek private legal help as needed.

Empowering Travelers with Knowledge

Understanding consular services helps travelers navigate legal, medical, and logistical challenges abroad. Stay informed through the Foreign Ministry’s resources to ensure safe and prepared travel.

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