FAQ Travelling and Covid-19

As the world has witnessed unprecedented changes in the field of international travel for the last two years, the global community has been confronted with novel issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. On our trips overseas, realizing how complicated the framework of rules is and obeying safety measures is crucial. The main objective of this guide is to highlight key travel issues during the pandemic while allowing you to take a rational approach and enjoy your travels.

Understanding Freedom of Movement

In Finland, the constitutional right to freedom of movement continues to be guaranteed and affirmed. However, there is the threat of COVID-19. The situation can take a completely different turn at any given moment. Differing restrictions across the world require excellent diligence and trip planning.

Ministry Support and Travel Insurance

Although the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems to be not so powerful in helping you organize your mortgage during this time, it draws more attention to comprehensive travel insurance. This situation implies that people have to be well-informed and covered.

Country-Specific Travel Advice

Before embarking on your journey, take note of the advice from the Ministry of the host country. Be cognizant of the fact that inbound travel regulations might sometimes be stricter or different from the norm. It is best to frequently surveil entry regulations from the authorities of the country you would like to visit.

Important Considerations When Planning Travel Abroad

The Vital Part of Travel Notification

Making a travel notification through the website of matkustusilmoitus.fi enables the Ministry to get in touch with you if a problem arises. This is all it takes to keep you safe throughout unforeseen events.

Empowering Your Journey with Travel Insurance

Remember to buy travel insurance and do not forget the insurance, especially during a pandemic. Provide for unexpected cases, which may be those linked to COVID-19.

Navigating Entry Regulations and Country-Specific Restrictions

Stay informed about the latest entry regulations from your travel destination’s authorities. Finnish embassies’ websites provide valuable links to local authorities, as well as the European Commission and the International Air Transport Association.

Quarantine: A Crucial Element

Understand that quarantine regulations may vary globally. Familiarize yourself with each country’s rules, including mandatory face masks and potential health screenings at airports.

Vaccination Certificates and Health Protocols

Many countries now require COVID-19 vaccination certificates or proof of recovery before entry. Be aware of validity periods and additional requirements such as medical information forms.

Internal Regulations on Air Traffic

Internal regulations on air traffic and public transport can differ. Stay informed about conditions and requirements at airports and during transit, ensuring a smoother journey.

Resources for Information on Destination Entry Regulations

Utilizing Finnish Embassies

Finnish embassies provide crucial links to local authorities and information on the current COVID-19 situation. Leverage these resources for accurate and up-to-date information.

European Commission and IATA Websites

Explore the European Commission’s Reopen Europe and IATA’s Travel during the coronavirus pandemic for comprehensive insights into restrictions and regulations across different countries.

Seek Advice from Foreign Embassies in Finland

For personalized guidance, consider seeking advice from the embassy of your country of destination in Finland. They can provide tailored information based on your specific travel plans.

Transiting Through Multiple Countries: A Multifaceted Challenge

Diverse Travel Restrictions

Transiting through multiple countries adds complexity, with varying travel restrictions and regulations. Research and understand each country’s requirements, as well as those imposed by airlines.

Traveling to Finland: A Return to Pre-Pandemic Practices

Entry Regulations by the Finnish Border Guard

For those planning to travel to Finland, familiarize yourself with the entry regulations outlined by the Finnish Border Guard. These regulations have returned to pre-pandemic norms.

Compensation Matters and Quarantine: Navigating Unforeseen Circumstances

Insurance Coverage for Trip Interruptions

In the unfortunate event of trip cancellations or interruptions, your insurance company plays a pivotal role. Understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Returning to Finland After Exposure or Infection

If you fall ill or are exposed to the virus during your journey, follow local authorities’ guidance. Ensure compliance with COVID-19 testing requirements, and contact your travel organizer or insurance company for assistance.

Addressing Travel Notification Queries

Efficient Handling of Travel Notifications

For those returning to Finland, the travel notification system automatically removes your details if you enter your return date. No additional action is needed in this case.

Extended Stays and Travel Notification Updates

If your stay abroad extends beyond the initial plan, update your return date on the travel notification form. This ensures the Ministry stays informed, providing relevant information and support.

Navigating travel during the COVID-19 pandemic demands vigilance and meticulous planning. By staying informed, utilizing official resources, and understanding the intricacies of each destination’s regulations, you empower yourself for a seamless and safe journey. Remember, your decisions shape your travel experience, so embark on your adventures with confidence.

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