Learn the necessary steps to take if you lose your passport abroad. Get guidance on reporting, replacing, and safeguarding your identity

If you lose your passport abroad

Losing your passport abroad can be stressful, but following the right steps can help you manage the situation effectively. This guide will detail the essential actions you should take if you find yourself without your passport in a foreign country.

If You Lose Your Passport

Report the Incident Immediately

When they lose their passport, one of the straightforward things to do is to report the incident quickly. Go to the nearest police station and if possible consult the tourist officers who also work for the police department. They become trained officers who can handle such cases to the end and receive your complaints.

Obtain a Copy of the Report

After you have completed the report, ask for it to be returned to you by request. This is especially vital when it comes to applying for a new passport or any case of your happening to lose your old passport. On this account, some authorities might refuse to accept the call reports, not apart from going for an official document.

Apply for a New Passport at the Nearest Finnish Mission Abroad

Finnish citizens are entitled to the new passports at any Finnish embassy, consulate, or passport office abroad that issues passports. Check a mission closest to you at the official Finland abroad.fi website. If there isn’t a Finnish mission where you are, you can, however, obtain an ETD for your trip back home at the mission of another EU Member State.

What If Your Lost Passport Is Found?

If, by chance, your lost passport is recovered, the following steps typically occur:

We will take the found passports to the Finnish mission.

Then the Finnish mission will give the found documents back to Finland either to the active authority or to the police in the document holder’s place of residence.

When you inform the Finnish official about your lost or stolen passport, you request the immediate cancellation of the document, and you cannot use it any longer.

In summary, details on the precautions one needs to take in case of losing their passport as a traveler are unavoidable. Adhering to the steps provided is the way to pass through this procedure conveniently and promptly. Armed with this information, be confident, and don’t forget to have fun while exploring the globe!

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