Discover steps to take if your money or wallet is lost or stolen. Learn how to safeguard your finances and identity in such situations

If your money or wallet is lost or stolen

If you lose your wallet or it gets stolen while traveling, quick and clear actions are important to protect your finances. This guide covers key steps such as reporting lost bank cards, arranging money transfers abroad, and getting help from consulates.

Dealing with Lost Bank Cards and Credit Cards

If you lose your bank or credit card while abroad, immediately contact your bank to block the card and prevent unauthorized use.

Request an International Money Transfer

Consider arranging an international money transfer or having a trusted friend or relative deposit money into your bank account. Always use reputable services to ensure transaction safety.

Utilizing Your Finnish Bank Account

If money is transferred to your Finnish bank account, you can withdraw it in foreign currency using your bank or credit card.

Assistance from Finnish Missions

In exceptional cases, Finnish missions can provide financial help for your return journey. This assistance requires a written promise to repay the amount, and there might be a reasonable fee involved.

Financial Aid from Finnish Missions

If you’re in distress and can’t access funds normally, Finnish missions can help by transferring funds from your account for a fee of EUR 40. You may also designate another person to deposit the funds.

Journey Home Assistance

In cases where making a deposit is not feasible (due to crime, severe illness, etc.), missions may provide help for returning home. Be aware of costs and conditions, such as a EUR 150 charge for extensive evidence requirements.

Repayment and Legal Considerations

Any financial assistance received must be repaid and is subject to debt enforcement procedures as per the regulations set by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

In summary, dealing with lost or stolen wallets and managing financial distress while abroad requires swift and informed action. By staying prepared and understanding the support available from Finnish missions, you can effectively safeguard your financial well-being during your travels.

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