Streamline the application process by applying for a passport or identity card online. Follow our step-by-step guide

Online application for a passport or an identity card

In today’s digital era, the Finnish Police’s online service has become a crucial tool for applying for passports and identity cards. This service is specially designed for residents within Finland, but it is also accessible to those living abroad, albeit with potential variations in service levels.

The Passport and Identity Card Application Process

Application Process and Eligibility

The Finnish Police sometimes allow the issuance of passports and identity cards without needing to visit a police station. About half of all applications qualify for this remote processing. However, those requiring in-person verification must visit a police station in Finland, as Finnish missions abroad do not have the necessary equipment to handle these electronic submissions.

Travel and Responsibilities

If you need to visit a police station in Finland as part of your application, arranging and funding the travel is your responsibility. Remember, the police do not refund processing fees if you have to travel for your application. For specifics on what requires a station visit, check the Finnish Police website.

Using E-Services

To start an application, log in through e-Identification, which supports various identification methods such as online banking codes, mobile certificates, and the Citizen Certificate on your ID card.

Submitting Passport Photos

When applying online, you must upload a passport photo to the police’s photograph server in advance. While foreign studios cannot upload directly to this server, photos taken at these studios can be uploaded using your e-Identification. Finnish photography studios, however, can upload photos directly.

Collecting Your Passport or Identity Card

Once your application is approved, the passport or ID card must be collected in Finland. You can pick it up yourself at any Matkahuolto service outlet or have someone else collect it for you, provided they have valid identification.

Requirement for Personal Visits

Sometimes, even electronically submitted applications might require a personal visit to a Finnish police station. Always check the Finnish Police website for the latest requirements.

The online services of the Finnish Police offer a convenient way for both residents and those abroad to apply for passports and identity cards. Following the guidelines and understanding the criteria can minimize the need for in-person visits, simplifying the process for all involved.

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