Uncover the current visa fees from Nigeria to South Africa. Our guide provides insights into the latest costs and essential details

Passport types and passport fees abroad

Planning an international journey requires careful consideration of many aspects, one of the most important being the acquisition of the correct passport. This guide delves into the details of passport types and the fees associated with them, helping you plan effectively for a smooth travel experience.

Understanding Passport Fees

Essential Fee Information: 

Applying for a passport incurs a mandatory fee, which is non-refundable even if the application is rejected. For passports that can be sent by post, an additional postal fee is charged.

Service Price List: 

It’s crucial to consult the service price list for detailed information on passport fees, aiding in effective planning and budgeting for your passport needs.

Passport Types: A Detailed Overview

Ordinary Passport: 

This standard travel document costs EUR 140 when applied for at Finnish missions abroad. Processing times vary, so applicants should plan accordingly.

Fast-Track Passport: 

Available for EUR 160, this option speeds up the delivery process by 2–3 days compared to the ordinary passport, catering to urgent travel needs.

Express Passport:

 This option is currently unavailable at Finnish missions abroad, important for applicants to note when considering faster service alternatives.

Temporary and Emergency Passports

For urgent, unforeseen travel situations, a temporary passport can be obtained for EUR 175, and a hand-written emergency passport for one-way travel costs EUR 160.

Special Passports: 

Finnish missions offer special passports for specific needs like national seafarer’s cards and temporary alien passports, each costing EUR 140.

Passports for Veterans: 

Veterans of Finnish wars and those involved in post-war mine clearing are eligible for a passport at a reduced fee of EUR 60 for a document valid for more than a year. Fast-track service is available at the standard rate.

Knowing the different types of passports and their fees is crucial for smooth international travel. Whether you need a standard, expedited, or emergency passport, each option caters to specific travel needs. Stay informed about your choices to ensure a trouble-free start to your journey abroad.

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