Learn about transferring your pension from Finland to another country. Explore the process, requirements, and important considerations

Pension from Finland to another country

An essential part of the international layer of pension management, the Kela’s Centre for International Affairs in Finland is a valuable resource for private persons in the process of transferring their pension abroad. This guide which is an end-to-end one, has the critical steps and contact details all called out to help make the process seamless.

Understanding Kela’s Role in International Pension Transfers

When you are prepared to migrate overseas or move afterward, you must get acquainted with working with your pension. The vast majority of Finns’ pensions are finally in possession of Kela, Finland’s social security institution. Its Centre for International Affairs helps those who need to transfer their pension rights to another country.

Unveiling Kela’s Centre for International Affairs

This is particularly true where budgetary constraints arise, and departments must make difficult resource allocation decisions. They strive to provide high-quality services to simplify the step-by-step transition process.

Essential Contact Information

Getting in touch with Kela’s Centre for International Affairs is straightforward:

Phone: +358 20 634 0200 (available from 9 am to 4 pm Finnish time)

Address: P.O. Box 78, 00381 Helsinki, Finland

Email: inter.helsinki(at)kela.fi

Fax: +358 20 634 1599

Key Steps in Transferring Your Pension

Understanding the steps involved in transferring your pension is vital to ensure a seamless process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you:

Initiate Contact: Start by contacting Kela’s Centre for International Affairs through the channels provided. This initial communication sets the foundation for your pension transfer.

Provide Necessary Documentation: 

You will need to supply various documents, which may include proof of residence, identification, and specific forms required by Kela.

Review and Approval Process: 

Kela’s experts will thoroughly review your documentation to ensure everything is correct and complete.

Currency and Transfer Details: 

Decide on the currency you prefer to receive your pension and finalize the details of the transfer with Kela to ensure a smooth financial transition.

Monitoring and Follow-Up: 

Maintain regular communication with Kela to stay informed about the progress of your pension transfer and to make any necessary adjustments.

Why Choose Kela for Your International Pension Transfer?


 Kela’s Centre for International Affairs specializes in the complexities of international pension transfers, providing invaluable expertise to navigate this process.

Transparent Communication: 

Kela is committed to clear, transparent communication, ensuring you are well-informed at each step of the process.

Efficient Processing: 

With a focus on efficiency, Kela’s streamlined procedures help minimize delays in transferring your pension.

Comprehensive Support:

 From your initial inquiry to the completion of the transfer, Kela offers thorough support to address any questions or concerns.

As you plan for relocation or retirement abroad, trust Kela’s Centre for International Affairs to handle your pension transfer needs efficiently and reliably. Their expertise and dedicated support ensure that you can move forward with confidence, secure in the financial aspects of your future abroad.

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