Discover essential steps for preparing for a crisis abroad. Learn how to safeguard yourself, gather resources, and stay informed

Preparation for a crisis abroad

In a world in which travel has become necessary, you should keep in mind the security issues and be prepared for emergencies present there. Before traveling, evaluate the safety of the destination. This guide contains useful details that will help you make well-informed choices and tackle any issues that you may encounter from the beginning of your journey.

Understanding a Crisis

Knowing your crisis while traveling means recognizing a serious and immediate threat that puts people’s safety at risk abroad. This could include natural disasters, political unrest, environmental emergencies, or even war. Because crises can happen unexpectedly, it’s important to be proactive in protecting yourself during your travels.

Authorities’ Responsibilities 

According to international law, the authorities of the country you’re visiting are responsible for the safety of both their citizens and foreign visitors. As a responsible traveler, it’s crucial to follow their instructions. However, keep in mind that a country’s ability to ensure safety might be affected for various reasons.

Support for Package Tour Travelers

Travel organizers are key to the well-being of package tour travelers. The Package Travel Act requires organizers to assist with medical care, repatriation, and handling any issues or losses. This support system is vital for those on organized tours.

Empowering Independent Travelers

Independent travelers, not covered by the Package Travel Act, are responsible for their decisions and costs. It’s highly recommended to get comprehensive travel insurance for financial protection and peace of mind during your travels.

Finnish Missions Abroad: Your Support

Finnish missions abroad are crucial support for citizens in distress. While they focus on temporary travelers for leisure or business, they extend some services to permanent residents. Understand that their assistance is for individuals, not belongings.

Managing a Crisis: Consular Services and Plans

During a crisis, Finnish missions use the Consular Service Act to provide important services. Regular updates on travel advice are available on the Foreign Ministry website, helping travelers stay informed about conditions at their destination. The missions also have preparedness plans with essential contact details and evacuation instructions on their websites.

Taking Precautions: Registering and Sharing Contact Details

Travelers are encouraged to register their contact information through a travel notification to improve the mission’s ability to assist during a crisis. Finnish residents living abroad should also share their details with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to enable quick communication in emergencies.

Mission’s Role in Crisis Response

Finnish missions actively reach out to travelers who have registered their travel plans during a crisis. They may help with organizing evacuations to safer areas, arranging repatriation, and aiding in communication with family members. Travelers should interact with the mission proactively, especially if they notice signs of a potential crisis.

Getting Country Information

To understand your destination thoroughly, visit the mission’s website and check for travel advice updates. It’s also helpful to gather information from travel organizers from other countries. Staying well-informed about your surroundings is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip.

To navigate crises effectively, prioritize safety by registering your travel details and staying informed through Finnish missions abroad. These proactive steps empower you to travel confidently and enjoy your trips.

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